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Induction Program

Induction Program 2020- 21



The induction program this year was combination of online and offline activities because of the pandemic situation aroused due to Covid-19. In SEM-I, one week induction program was started from 29-01-2021 till 05-02-2021. In first two days the activities like reporting of students to college, the hostel admission and allotment of rooms were completed for the admitted students under the guidance of Dr. P. S. Patil and Prof. S. L. Mhetre, who were the coordinators of the FC.

On 01-02-21, Inauguration program was organized by First year department by the hands of our beloved Principal Dr. M. S. Gaikwad. He interacted with students and informed about the Story of Sinhgad establishment, the campus facilities and college activities. Sir guided students about how to build bright career in engineering. He emphasized about the facilities provided by college for curricular as well as extra-curricular growth of budding engineers. He assured parents about the academic progress of students. Vice Principle Dr. D. D. Choudhary addressed the session further and highlighted about the infrastructure of college, various programs run by college, gave the insights of STP programs, Sinhgad karandak, Surabhi program and the sports facilities provided by college. After this HOD FE, Dr. P. S. Patil gave presentation that include glimpse of STES, detail information about SIT, the way FE working like course structure, university examination pattern, internal examination, continuous assessment, STP, SSC, SOC, Campus life, and various facilities available in campus He told about the syllabus of all subjects; course objectives, In-sem and End-sem exam pattern, marking system and passing criteria. Day 4 (02-02-21) was full of various informative sessions like IEEE which was given by the TE and BE students of SIT, where they have introduced the FE students about history, importance and various events of IEEE program that they run during the academic year. The second session was delivered by coordinator of Career Counseling center, Prof. M. S. Raut sir. He gave detailed explanation of the importance and benefits of this center and informed about working of various cells like competitive exams, industry internship, higher education, foreign language, entrepreneurship, alumni interaction etc which run under this center in detail for better understanding of students. The third session was addressed by TPO Prof. N. N. Pachpore sir. He gave complete idea about central placement procedure, eligibility criteria, list of multinational and national companies with good package, various activities, trainings, programs like, how to face the interview, technical training, facing interview, placement designing resume, e-club, soft skill training, JAVA programming, challenges and expectations of industries. He also made students aware about various industries with which college has tie-up and the employability tests like Mcad, CCSP, QLR, Smart India etc for practice of students as well as to boost their confidence level. At the end of the day, students have enjoyed virtual tour of campus prepared by Prof. S. S. Sasane. The first session of fifth day (03-02-21) was addressed by Ms. Shubhra Motgill, Sr. Digital Marketing Associate @ Radix Web solution, Pune. The thought of utilizing time during the induction program to overcome students’ lack of confidence due deficiency in English Communication, inspired us for this session. Very nicely Ms. Shubhra, who is alumni of this college, explained the importance of overall personality development along with studies.

This session was followed by Mr. Kaushik Mohanraj Director of Operations @ Blazeclan Technologies, Malaysia on Importance of Add-on Courses. In brief he explained importance of value addition programs like Erasmus-Mundus Scholarship along with regular curriculum. He focused students’ attention on such programs and shared his life experiences that how this program changed his life perspective. The last session was on Opportunities for Engineers in next decade by Mr. Ashish Kulkarni Consultant @ Hitachi Vantara, Pune. He emphasized students to take benefit of various clubs running in the college and told the importance of participating in various clubs and has shown demo of creating linklidn profile along with its advantages. Schedule of day six (04-02-21) was to familiarize the students with all departments. HODs of all departments have introduced students about mission, vision, short term goals and long term goals of the institute as well as about their department. They have discussed about the strengths, future opportunities, applications, various curricular and non-curricular activities, MoUs signed, different clubs and activities they are running in those clubs, etc. of their department. First session of day seven (05-02-21) was addressed by Dr. M. S. Chaudhari, Associate Professor in Computer Department on “Out of box thinking” (Project based learning approach). Very nicely he explained how PBL helps to improve out of box thinking among the students, need to change the teaching methodology, benefits of PBL over traditional teaching, etc. To boost students confidence and built their interest he has shown some projects done under PBL. The second session was given by Prof. D. S. Ghodke on “How to take back control of your life?”. He included short stories with moral and lots of real life examples to motivate the students. At the end the Co-coordinator of this induction program Prof. N. A. Shete, gave the valedictory speech and acknowledged the higher authority and thanked all the supportive staff members who have helped him in making this program successful, followed by filling of online feedback form to see the loopholes for improving the future induction program. The induction program of SEM-II was scheduled from 12 May to 15 May 2021. In this worldwide pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 everyone is facing the challenge, lifestyle has changed drastically. In this situation this e-SIP has become the ray of hope and positivity by giving words of wisdom, knowledge that guide students throughout their journey. Keeping this view in mind this induction program for second semester of first year was planned. Day one (12-05-21) of induction started with inauguration of program by our respected Vice-Principal Dr. D. D. Choudhary in the presence of HOD, staff members and students. He mentored the students and elaborated the importance of engineering education followed by Address note of FE HOD Dr. P. S. Patil, who gave brief view of the schedule that students have to follow throughout the semester. Everyday 08:00am-08:45am yoga sessions were conducted for students, parents and faculty members. We invited Mrs. Madhuri Vijay Deore, Yoga Expert, "Sikshan Ranta Awardee”, Faculty at Kedriya Vidayala, Nashik to take the yoga session for the students. Second Session was on Creative Arts by Guest speaker Mr. Omkar Dhareshwar. He is an art activist from Mumbai and also the co-founder of Wicked Broz, a graffiti and street art organization. In 2017, he was part of the 1st Indian contingent to be invited for the prestigious Street of Styles graffiti festival in Curitiba, Brazil. He is the co-creator of Ladies First Street Art, India's first all-female street art festival. Omkar is currently working on creating Marol Art Village, India's first visual and performing arts district. He also works with some of the top hip-hop talents in the country and manages artists like BBoy Flying Machine. He flourished his ideas related to the creative things and took to journey from his college life till know how he grew as art activist. The third session of Photography as a Creative art was conducted by Prof. S. B. Sasane who is a professional photographer. He explained different categories of photography and videography like Industrial photography, wildlife photography, commercial photography, nature photography, wedding or event photography to students with photograph examples, camera regarding sensor size, resolution of camera, quality of photograph, lens, light gathering power, etc. Students also understood what mistakes they make while taking photograph like portrait of landscape mode, framing a photograph, megapixel phobia, close and long shots, macros shots, background blur effect. Lastly Dr. Ranjeet Salave conducted session on Covid-19 Vaccine Myths and Facts as sometimes false and misleading information may cause severe loss to society. He gave the information of various vaccines available in world along with its working. Speaker gave the scientific answers to the question in minds of students. This session becomes myth buster on vaccine, its efficiency and use. After yoga session, second day’s (13-05-21) session was started on Basics of English Communication by Prof. Prachee Mahambare who is a NLP Practitioner, a certified Corporate Trainer and a Personality Grooming coach as well. She guided students about English grammar, Tenses, construction of sentences, Common Expression, Common errors in English. She also explained various ways to improve English fluency, techniques for Confidence building and Interview preparation. Third session was on Universal Human Values by eminent speaker Dr. Soojay Deshpande. He discussed about Basic Human Aspirations and their fulfillment. He briefed about Human goals, Happiness, Prosperity and ways to fulfill these Aspirations. He also discussed about efforts required to be taken to achieve Human goals, Happiness and Prosperity.

The last session was on Spanish language by Prof. Girish Khope. Speaker explained the importance of foreign language in communication. He taught in simple way few words in Spanish language like name of month’s and name of week days. On third day (15-05-21) after yoga session in morning students have enjoyed session on PBL conducted by Dr. M. S. Chaudhari (Asso. Prof. SITL). Very nicely he explained various tactics of implementing PBL, its advantages as PBL activity is the part of second semester academics. He explained the PBL project from idea inception to report writing. In the current situation of pandemic confidence and morale of students declined so to boost the students with zeal and enthusiasm third session was conducted by Guest speaker Aatish Ramesh Bhore (life and mind coach) on “Redefining Happy hour: Positivity in middle of Pandemic”. He explained about dreams and goals and also explained how to remain positive and focused towards your goal. At the end the Co-coordinator of this induction program Prof. N. A. Shete, Assistant Professor in Engineering Sciences Department, gave the valedictory speech. He acknowledged the higher authority and thanked all the supportive staff members who have helped him in making this program successful followed by online feedback form to see the suggestions for improving the future induction program.

Induction Program 2019- 20


The program was conduted on 07th August 2019 and started with felicitation of the guest and previous year toppers. Principal of the college interacted with students by giving information about the Story of Sinhgad Institute's establishment, the campus facilities and college activities. After that the guest was

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Introduced by Prof. Priyanka Chakranarayan. Mr. Deek Parassini has completed M. Sc in Business Psychology, MBA in marketing and finance. He is positive influencer and motivational speaker. He said that “Life is all positive and negativity doesn‟t exist.” He told students about positive education life and throughout the educational phase, parent and student positive relationship. He shared his college life experiences with students. He told all about positivity in life. Abhishek Gupta is co-founder of Carrier Labs. He is carrier expert of BYJU‟S. He is Gold Medalist in maths olympiad. He told about how to tackle with college and hostel life with positivecontrol.

Then IEEE club magazine inaugurate by the guest. Higher class student Tathagat Kumar and others shared their experiences about college, campus and hostel life, so new comer become relaxed. After that the IEEE Club member organized a brain storming game by asking different questions, to make the environment light.

Then the training and placement officer (TPO) of college, Prof. Yogesh D. Jadhav told the information about placement of college in the past academic years. Also give information about companies and their criteria for getting job. He told that the placement of academic year 2018-19 was 1200 and still going on.

After that head of the department of the first year Dr. P. S. Patil addressed the students. The presentation include, glimpse of STES, detail information about Sinhgad Institute of technology (SIT) followed by complete information of First Year (FE) working. The FE information included course structure, university examination pattern, internal examination, continuous assessment, Student Training Program (STP), Sinhgad Students Council (SSC), Sinhgad Oversees Cell (SOC), Campus life, and various facilities available in campus He told about the syllabus of all subjects; course objectives, newly introduced In-sem and End-sem exam pattern, marking system and passing criteria, he also told about practical knowledge getting from each subject. He told the importance of the first year in future years of engineering. Parents felt safe and secure by sir introducing Teacher-Guardian Scheme which is run by our college in this scheme a teacher will be appointed as a Guardian for 20 students who will take care of the students about academics and other and report to their parents. After our HOD‟s address, parents feel very comfortable with this college.

Then all above activities finished at 1:00 pm then there was a lunch break. After lunch break all parents and students had a campus tour by our college bus. In campus tour they visited all colleges, all boys and girls hostels, canteens and lastly they visited the famous sports complex of STES campus lonavala. Throughout this tour they experienced the beauty of nature and Monsoon environment of Lonavala.


Induction Program 2018-19


The Institute Level FE Induction Program event started with the Welcome Speech. Event Anchor IEEE Club Student Co-Ordinator formally welcomed all the dignitaries on the dais, parents, and students from the various parts of the country. Welcome followed by SarswatiPujan and welcoming the guest of Honour Mr Anand Desai & Mr. Arvind Gupta.


Principal, Dr. M S Gaikwad highlighted  the details regarding academic performance needed and pertaining to syllabi, College & campus central facilities, expected discipline, expectation from students. Guest of honour , Mr. Anand Desai in his special address advised students about recent trends in various branches of Engineering and research and asked students to explore career opportunities in the field of  Engineering.

Prof Y D Jadhav Explained  the students about opportunities provided by Sinhgad institute to pursue higher studies overseas and Sinhgad student council facilities and  placement activity along with statistics. Dr P S Patil gave brief details regarding FE syllabus structure for Sem-I,II, Exam pattern, Online Exam structure, Passing Criteria, Textbook. Academic calendar, result analysis, TG scheme, Toppers of precious year etc.

College and Campus tour: Students are introduced with the Department Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Internet Facility etc.


Induction Program 2016- 17



Chief Guest: Dr. Yashodhan P. Gokhale & Dr. Vishram Bapat (Principal (Rtd))

Students were gathered in classrooms for registration and for collection of Induction kits HOD, Engineering Sciences welcome the gathering followed by Address of Dr. M.S. Gaikwad (Principal), SIT, Lonavala and Key note address by Mr. Parag Kulkarni. Dr. P. S. Patil gave brief presentation of academic calendar, teaching learning methodologies, examination pattern and rules and regulations of SPPU and SIT.

Mr. Y D Jadhav (TPO) briefed the students about STP,SSC,SOC and their requirements and benefits.After serving snacks & tea, college and campus tour was arranged for the students and parents.