Electrical Engineering


Material Science Lab

In this laboratory, all types of insulation materials (solid, air and liquid) are tested. Also Tan delta measurement is done with the Schering Bridge. KVA capacity of different insulations is obtained.

Power Electronics Lab

In Power Electronics Laboratory , design of power electronics circuits and implementation are done with the help of MATLAB software and real time kits. Various performance parameter like voltage current etc. will be calculated and verified.

Electrical Macines Lab

In Machines laboratory we perform experiments to study performance characteristics of Synchronous machines, alternators. Study and calculations of circuit parameters of various single phase motors.

Electrical Measurements Lab

In this laboratory we conduct measurement of resistance, inductance and capacitance by various AC and DC bridges, measurement of active and reactive power for single and 3 phase by different wattmeter connections, measurement of voltage current time period frequency phase difference.

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

We study operational amplifiers and its various applications, Flip-flops, counters, shift registers. Also Study of characteristics of SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, IGBT and their applications. Also we study various triggering/firing methods of control power for various devices and observe the same on power scope.

High Voltage Lab

In this High Voltage Laboratory experiments on breakdown of solid, gaseous are done with the help of spear gap unit. Breakdown of liquid is also verified with horn gap arresters.

Switchgear & Protection Lab

In this SGP Laboratory testing of switchgear is performing on kits, also relay characteristics, testing of contactors and testing of fuse /MCB is performing through experimental panels

Computer Programming Lab 1

Programming skills are developed on various softwares like C, C++, Matlab. Programs on various numerical techniques are written and tested.


In this lab we are making the programing in ladder logic by using RS Logics software. We are simulating the written program in the same software. And then downloading to ALLEN BRADELY Micro-logics PLC trainer kit to verify the run mode with field devices.

Computer Programming Lab 2./PSOC Lab

In this lab we are conducting power system control and operation experiments by using MATLAB software. Experiments on swing equation, load frequency control, models of reactive power management and equal area criteria are performed

E-Learning Lab

In this lab is equipped with Audio and Video aids for e-learning. E-learning courses include highly effective instructional elements and simulations based on authentic situations. It helps students to absorb more knowledge and recall what they have learned with ease.

Control System Lab

In this laboratory physical verification of transfer function of various circuits using two tank model compensator design, verification of responses through MATLAB. Also effect of various controller (PID) on the response of systems.

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

This laboratory is provided with the working kits to study and verify basic theoretical aspects of Electrical engineering. we perform experiments to study performance characteristics of DC motor, transformer and induction motor. Various tests like sumper, load test are performed on DC motor and induction motor.

Renewable energy lab

In this laboratory exposure to renewable energy source is given to students through different types of solar panels, wind energy systems. Students are doing small scale experiments as activities other than academics.