Engineering Sciences



Chemistry Lab

Well equipped lab with experimental setup for the determination of hardness of water by EDTA method, determination of alkalinity of water, viscosity measurement, titration etc.


  1. To prepare engineering students for the basic knowledge required for personal improvement throughout their professional carriers..
  2. To develop ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering chemistry problems.
  3. To impart the capacity to function and work effectively alone as well as in a team environment.


Physics Lab

Well equipped laboratory with Newton’s Rings experimental set up, Laser Beam Divergence set up, Diffraction Grating set up, Energy Gap set up, Solar cell set up, Brewster’s Law set up, Malus Law set up, Sound Pressure Level set up, Sound Absorption Coefficient set up, Ultrasonic Interferometer etc.


  1. To develop experimental skills for the use, alignment and handling of wide range of laboratory instruments and tools.
  2. To develop insight and skill in scientific experimental methodologies.
  3. Fostering various cognitive abilities such as hypothecation, prediction, observation, classification, interpretation and analysis.

Computer Lab

Well equipped lab for the study of all fundamental of programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, HTML, Android, Data Structure and embedded C. This lab is used for study of installation of different software and creation of new application. Lab is used  for innovative ideas and to create and develop new applications in different languages.


  1. To give each student the opportunity to enhance their understanding of how to use a computer and software programs that are appropriate for their ability level.
  2. Allow students to acquire basic to advanced technology skills that will be vital to all fields of study and understand how it will contribute to their daily lives.
  3. Allow students the opportunity to gain a greater self-confidence in them.

Mechanics Lab

Well equipped lab with Simple Beam, Belt Friction Apparatus., Space Force Instrument, and Apparatus to measure coefficient of Restitution, Curvilinear Motion etc.


  1. The objective of the lab is to perform experiments which are related to engineering mechanics subject (Statics and Dynamics) in order to understand the behavior of different mechanical equipments which students study in theory.
  2. To find out reaction at support for simply support beam.
  3. To determine coefficient of friction by using belt friction apparatus.


Electrical Lab

Well equipped lab with experimental setup for the study of Kirchhoff’s laws, Superposition theorem,  Thevenin’s theorem .  Experimental setup for the study of RLC series resonant circuits, experimental setup for the determination of performance of single phase transformer, experimental setup for the study of Megger, fluorescent tube circuits, HID lamps etc.


1. Know about Fundamentals of electrical circuits.

2. Réalise basic theoretical concepts and law in real physical world.

3. Acqaint with différent AC and DC measuring devices and sources used.


Electronics Lab

Well equipped lab with experimental setup for the study of different electronic components, electronic measuring instruments, regulated power supply, Op-amp based amplifier circuits, IC 555 timer circuits, digital circuits etc.


1) To give Knowledge of some basic electronic components and circuits.

2) To introduce basics of diode and transistor circuits.

3) To understand working of some IC based circuits


Drawing Hall


1) To use a drawing board and clamp the mini drafter machine.

2) The various charts in the drawing hall covering different topics of the subject. Moreover, there are several solid and cut section models available in Engineering Drawing hall which give a realistic view of the situation to make the concepts clear. Also we have software’s and CD’s to have an audio-visual interactive teaching-learning scheme.




1. To understand the working of different power transmitting elements such as Couplings, Gears and Bearings.

2. To identify the different metal cutting operation on Lathe Machine.

3. To study the Steam Power Plant and working of its different components.